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  1. out of hand meaning: 1. out of control: 2. If you refuse something out of hand, you refuse it completely without. Learn more.
  2. Hand definition is - the terminal part of the vertebrate forelimb when modified (as in humans) as a grasping organ: the body part at the end of the arm of a human, ape, or monkey. How to use hand in a sentence.
  3. Sep 19,  · If you dismiss or reject something out of hand, you do so immediately and do not consider believing or accepting it. I initially dismissed the idea out of hand. See full dictionary entry for hand COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.
  4. hand 1. Out of control: Employee absenteeism has gotten out of hand. 2. Without consideration; immediately: dismissed my complaint out of hand.
  5. Synonyms for out of hand. blusterous. boisterous. booming. clamorous. disorderly. loud. piercing. raising Cain.
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  9. Synonyms & Antonyms of out of hand. given to resisting control or discipline by others. The mold growth had gotten completely out of hand. Synonyms for out of hand. froward, headstrong, incontrollable, intractable, recalcitrant.

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