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  1. Slapp Happy with four of six members of Faust as their backup band. Tracks 1 to 11 recorded at Wümme, West Germany, Tracks 13 to 16 are CD bonus tracks from the private collection of the group. Made in USA Tracklist on backcover is wrong. Right one is listed above. Correct titles of tracks are inside of booklet. 9: Half-way there/5(8).
  2. The tracklist of the two albums is almost the same (the song `Charlie `n' Charlie' on this version being replaced by `Haiku' on the Virgin release) - this reissue also boasts 4 bonus tracks, `from the private collection of the group', recorded (I believe) in Slapp Happy's style is /5(9).
  3. The history of this album is a bit complicated. Originally titled Casablanca Moon, it was recorded for Polydor in , but scrapped when the group signed with Virgin; their first Virgin release was an entirely re-recorded version of the same material, although it was entitled Slapp Happy when released. To compound the confusion, the Virgin version was retitled Casablanca Moon when it was 8/
  4. Acnalbasac Noom buy CD music Description SLAPP HAPPY met in Germany in the early seventies, where they recorded their first album "Sort Of" for Polydor ("Years ahead of its time" NME). ACNALBASAC NOOM was their second LP, recorded in , and engineered by Kurt Grauner, in Faust's legendary Wumme.
  5. Mar 18,  · referencing Slapp Happy Or Slapp Happy - Acnalbasac Noom, LP, Album, Lim, R R FIVE The Peter Blegvad 'Amateur' booklet (actually an A4 piece of paper, folded twice) does exist - I have one. It came with my subscription copy of the album which is curiously numbered (7) 44//5().
  6. The original recordings finally saw release on Recommended Records in as Slapp Happy or Slapp Happy, then (here comes the really confusing part) reissued again by Recommended as Acnalbasac Noom. Today, if you want the original Faust version, your best bet is on CD, titled Acnalbasac Noom.
  7. Acnalbasac Noom-- meant to be the German-English-American avant-pop group Slapp Happy's second album -- was originally recorded in but did not see release originally until Recorded with legendary German art-rock group Faust accompanying the Slapp Happy core of Anthony Moore on keyboards, Peter Blegvad on guitar, and Dagmar Krause on vocals, and with Faust's brilliant producer .
  8. Acnalbasac Noom (also known as Slapp Happy or Slapphappy) is a studio album by German - British avant-pop group Slapp Happy, recorded in Wümme, Bremen, Germany in with Faust as their backing band. It had a working title of Casablanca Moon but was never released at the time because it had been rejected by their record label, Polydor.
  9. However, in , they reunited with Krause to record a new Slapp Happy album, 'Acnalbasac Noom', in the same year. A new Slapp Happy studio album, ''Ça Va', appeared only in and the last work of them 'Camera' was issued two years later, in 'Desperate Straights' is the third studio album of Slapp Happy and was released in

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